Thursday, April 23, 2009

Basic Gear

So we talked about how being organised can optimise your work flow when writing dance music. So today we will discuss basic gear that will help you even more to produce dance music.
Producing dance music can be very demanding on your computer. So how should your setup look like??

First your computer should be of standard. You need at least 1gb of ram but 2gb of ram or more is recomended. Also you need room to store your music and samples, so at least 160gb of memory would be nice but once again, more the better. You also want to get the best motherboard and cpu that you can afford.

Now you may wish to purchase two monitor screens. This helps by having a bigger workspace. Some people like to have their arangement on one screen and have the mixer on the other screen but see what works best for you. You may also need to purchase a graphics card that has two outputs. Although nowdays computers normally come with two outputs.

The next most important thing to have is a decent pair of speakers. There is no need to purchase the most expensive set of speakers but go get one that is suited for your price range. Go into your local music equipment store and ask to have a listen to some monitors. Take a cd you know very well and play them on different sets of monitors and listen to how they sound.

Another important equipment is a midi keyboard. This will definately help you get your ideas transfered from your head to your computer. Using a mouse to write muic can be a bit of a bummer for your inspiration but you also get different ideas doing it that way, so experiment with both.

Well thats that for that session. Hope that was useful. Feel free to leave comments.

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